The Bitten (Vampire Huntress Legend) by L. A. Banks

The Bitten (Vampire Huntress Legend)

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The Bitten (Vampire Huntress Legend) L. A. Banks
Language: English
Page: 448
Format: pdf
ISBN: 0312324081, 9780312324087
Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin

From Publishers Weekly

At the start of Banks's seductive fourth Vampire Huntress Legend fantasy (after 2004's The Awakening), former crime lord/master vampire Carlos Rivera bites his lover, hot hip-hop artist/gifted slayer Damali Richards, and she bites back. This passionate exchange puts Damali's humanity and the fate of the world at risk. As Damali and Carlos struggle with the implications of their bond, the pair work with Damali's Guardian team to recover a "key" containing the blood of Christ (extracted from the Shroud of Turin), which another master vampire has hijacked and injected into an unwilling human. The key's spilled blood could open the seal that unleashes Armageddon: "If he's able to open that seal, then everything you learned in Catholic school about the book of Revelations will go down. All Hell will literally break loose, hombre. You feel me?" To prevent this cataclysm and the sacrifice of an innocent victim, the couple travel to Australia, where they play a high-stakes game with four topside master vampires, with life-changing results. Mixing religion with erotic horror dosed with a funky African-American beat, Banks blithely piles on layer after layer of densely detailed plot, which might overwhelm new readers but will delight established fans. Banks creates smokin' sex scenes that easily out-vamp Laurell K. Hamilton's, though they sometimes scream for tighter editing.
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The fourth Vampire Huntress book opens with Damali Richards happy and in the arms of her lover, master vampire Carlos Rivera. Their romantic getaway ends with a shocking revelation: Damali is becoming a vampire. Distressed, Carlos takes Damali back to her friends, hoping that the seer Marlene can reverse the process. Carlos is forced to leave Damali to return to the Vampire Council, which greets him with distressing news: a master vampire has stolen a key to a powerful seal that could enable him to destroy the sun. The council wants the key in its keeping and threatens Damali's life to compel Carlos to get the key for it. Carlos turns to a human associate, detective Berkfield, for help in finding the key, while Damali's friends perform a ritual to keep her from becoming a full-fledged vampire. The stakes have never been higher, and the excitement and tension are palpable in this installment of Banks' complex, sexy series. Kristine Huntley
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